J. B. Fragrances & Flavours

Our Heritage

“A balanced blend of creativity, technical expertise, science and sense”
…This is the maxim of JBFF’s fragrant legacy.

We began our journey as fragrance makers in the year 1950 under the leadership of Mr. Vardhman M. Sheth. Under his prolific leadership we began positioning ourselves at the forefront of the perfume industry’s technical innovations, developing our own extraction processes and fragrances.

Focused on thorough research, we continued to increase the efficiency and quality of our fragrances and in the process introduced several unique fragrances in the market. We also employed our expertise to develop eco-friendly products that are effective in scent and value.

Inspired by the resounding success of our products, we pushed ourselves to a market diversification initiative and boldly stepped into the international markets. Today, we have garnered a significant footing in the global arena and serve some of the top names in the industry.

Amidst the expansion, diversification and innovative shifts that we have implemented for over 6 decades, we continue to remain a closely knit family owned company. While our inherent values and innovation in the fragrance industry keep us at the forefront of our business, our deep rooted relationships with our clients have always acted as a strong catalyst to the success of our company.

This understanding of our clients’ taste has led us to consistently meet their unique preferences and remain their trusted choice.

Our legacy is that of faith, perseverance, foresight and above all flourishing relations with clients and employees alike. We take this legacy as a learning curve that will guide us to new frontiers of success.