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Fragrance Fluency

Fragrance Fluency

Fragrance is a powerful differentiator and needs to be created in an environment that is conducive of producing such distinctive aromas.

To achieve this distinction we have established a facility that features the most up-to-date GLC and GC-MS equipments amongst other world-class technologies for production of our fragrances and flavours. Within this facility, departments like production, sampling, quality control, packaging and dispatch, work hand in hand to increase the efficiency of products and services that we offer.

Given today’s increasing concerns about safety and the environment, our technicians, perfumers and evaluators further ensure that our perfumes are in accordance with the latest worldwide legislation and bespoke customer requirements.

On the supply front, we have alliances with leading ingredient suppliers to ensure constant inflow of high quality aromatic chemicals and natural essential oils.

Our overall technical architecture is based on streamlining even the minutest of details giving our clients the benefit of service without compromise.